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R2 DAY3-03 Gandi CLI - Thomas Kuiper (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Thomas Kuiper

Written in Python, Gandi CLI is an open source command line tool to interface with Gandi's APIs. It can be used to create and manage hosting instances (Gandi IaaS and PaaS), generate and manage SSL certificates, manage domain names and their zones, as well as all other domain name-related Gandi services (such as Gandimail, Gandisite). Gandi's API is provided free of charge.

About the speaker

Thomas, originally from Germany, has been living in Taiwan for almost ten years now. Before coming to Asia, he worked for an alternative ISP in France as software developer. In Taiwan he has been working at technology companies on software for embedded devices and content management systems. In Spring 2014 he launched Gand Asia. Co. Ltd in Taiwan; a full subsidiary of in Europe.

Twitter @engerim42 組織/公司 Gandi 頭銜 Chief operating officer


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