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R2 DAY3-04 Building Static Blogs using Pelican - Quazi Nafiul Islam (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Quazi Nafiul Islam

Static Site Generators are now used by many developers. If you see a domain, it means that their site is statically generated and version controlled. What I want to talk about in this lecture is why static blog generators are so popular and so powerful if you want something hackable. I'll talk about pelican, its good parts, its pitfalls as well as some custom suggestions to make your workflow faster.

About the speaker

Author, Student, Speaker. Language Aficionado.

Currently a student at university, I also work part time in web development, I speak at local conferences and workshops. I also explore other languages other than Python. Currently writing a book on PyCharm (Packt), an IDE by JetBrains. I also blog about the technologies that I use.


Twitter @gamesbrainiac 組織/公司 North South University 頭銜 Student


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