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R2D102 Happy rapid prototyping embedded assembly by Python - Albert Huang (PyCon APAC 2015)


Speaker: Albert Huang

Bit-encoded parser in communication system is not easy to program, and usually written in C. Sometimes for lack of toolchain or reduction of memory footprint, programmers might still need to write it in assembly, and it's definitely not a happy task. The author tries to share his happy experience on rapid prototyping this kind of parser in Python, and later coded them in assembly running in an embedded processor.

About the speaker

大學念交大電信系,研究所從清華資工所畢業後在通訊 IC 上從事 DSP 韌體設計,對於即時系統與通訊系統有著莫名的熱情,自從 2000 年學了 Python 之後,就一直愛不釋手,在公司裡面嘗試在所有非組合語言與 C 語言的場合都用 Python 建立方便的工具,近年來致力於讓數位訊號處理能夠深入淺出的讓有興趣的人能夠學習,希望減緩 DSP 實作的學習曲線。

個人網頁連結 Twitter @AlbertHuang314 頭銜 Principal Firmware Engineer

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