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Cómo enfrentamos los desafíos de mantener una comunidad inclusiva en Brasil


The purpose of this talk is to present the challenges we face in Brazil for Python community integration, to show how we have created a generic model to support fiscal and financial events throughout the country. Also, I want to comment on our motto ‘Pessoas greater than Tecnologia’.

Brazil and its continental dimensions I would like to present the difficulty of integrating communities in Brazil, taking into account the continental dimensions of the country coupled with the lack of integration with roads, mesh ferrovárias and air. And of course, I will present how we did this with the “Glocal” concept of organization. Inclusion of minorities I also want to address how we have promoted diversity within the Python Brazil community. Also, I’ll tell you the story of how we managed to get 42% of women’s lectures in Python Brasil Conference. Programming courses in low-income areas In this year 2017 I started activities for the administration of programming courses in the outskirts of the city of Florianópolis. The next step is to qualify inmates of the prison system of Florianópolis. Some tips on how to avoid a toxic ecosystem in communities Finally, I would like to comment on some subtleties that is interesting work as leaders of communities on a daily basis.


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