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PyConAU 2010: Displaying Australian datasets with Django


Displaying Australian datasets with Django

Presented by Malcolm Tredinnick

The last 18 months or so in Australia have seen an increased number of government and public sector organisations releasing datasets to the public under reasonable reuse terms (often Creative Commons license). This talk will take a couple of those local real-world datasets and create a minimal website for remixing them, using Django as the underlying framework. The goals are to provide a short walk through the process of importing and extracting such data in practice, show how to incorporate Django's GIS features into an application, as well as highlighting that real world is messy and so is the data it produces. Working with datasets for journalism or research purposes, or simply fun, requires a certain attention to detail.

Basic knowledge of Django is assumed, although the GIS components will be introduced carefully as they are less familiar to many developers.


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