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Lesser known data structures by Tim McNamara


Python is graced with flexible, easy to use data structures that are at your fingertips every time you start a command prompt. Lists, dictionaries and tuples are our friends. However, sometimes you want more than what they can give.

While subclassing is a great approach, often what you want has already been written. Most often, it’ll be waiting for you within the standard library. This talk will be a tour of some of what awaits you. Don’t be the next person to recreate an ordered dictionary.

Within the collections module, as well as other places within the standard library, you’ll find lots of functionality. Using these data structures can lead to simpler, more robust code.

As well as explaining how to use some of the data structures that we encounter, we’ll also be checking through open source code to see how they are used in the real world. This will give us insight into how other programmers are using them. Hopefully


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