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Running Django on Docker: a workflow and code


Docker ( is the hot-new-thing out there for running your application in development and in production. Here at Infoxchange, we are extremely excited about how Docker allows a build-once, run-anywhere approach to moving applications from testing through to production. We are one of the first organisations to be using Docker in production on high-SLA applications.

In this talk we will present:

  • a quick intro to Docker and how it solves our problems at Infoxchange;
  • our interface for hosting applications on Docker ("pallet");
  • how to build and develop a Python app on Docker;
  • Infoxchange's Django settings module for the pallet interface;
  • Forklift (, a tool we've developed for running and developing apps that use the pallet interface, in and out of a Docker container; and
  • Extending forklift for your services.

If time permits we will try and cover the additional bonus topics:

  • How to host your legacy mod_python application on Apache inside Docker with minimal changes; and
  • Using Forklift to do automated full-stack integration testing of apps by spinning up containers of other apps (which we do in a container that is testing the built app that is running in a container that is our CI server... inception is possible).

The talk will be presented by Danielle Madeley and Alexey Kotlyarov.

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