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Tales from Managing an Open Source Python Game


Ten years ago, a rag-tag bunch of computer camp leaders decided to create a game that would teach kids teamwork and strategy, and which the kids could feel a part of. In those days, the presenter was a young dreamer with time on his hands, and he chose to spearhead the project. Was this folly? You be the judge. The game was Trosnoth. It is developed in Python, using Pygame and Twisted. In this presentation, Josh will tell the story of Trosnoth, and share some of the many lessons, both social and technical, which he learnt while managing the project. Maybe you’ve considered writing a game in Python. Maybe you’re not sure how Open Source projects really work. Maybe you’re an experienced project manager who wants to laugh at some of the mistakes Josh made. Or maybe you just enjoy hearing Josh tell stories. Whoever you are, there’s bound to be something in this presentation for you.


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