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Decoding the Frustrations and Vulnerabilities of Modern Text Processing


When it comes to processing text, Python is easily one of the best languages for the job. However, in today's modern world, with emojis👌🏻, ƒοяειgη ℓαnγuαgεs, and m̕ą̶̕ĺic̷í͜o̶͟͜us͠ ҉͞d̴a͜t̵̛͘ą҉ we are no longer dealing with easy and safe to handle ASCII input.

Join us as we go through the adventures of battling UnicodeError dragons, working with Python3's I/O, what to do when working with bytes, how to account for data from the web and/or databases nicely, what the different types of string literals are, the new f"{format_strings}", and the security vulnerabilities that string formatting and malicious input can possess (and how to prevent it).


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