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Python in Primary School


The Digital Technologies subject is one of the two new Technologies subjects in the Australian primary school, F-6, curriculum. The Technologies subjects are now mandatory in Queensland State Schools, with other states soon to follow. These two subjects are not bolt-on subjects, but are to be integrated into the existing curriculum.

Let’s have a look at how we introduced Python into primary schools. We’ll go through how we take students on a journey from learning fundamental skills in a structured lesson to creative freedom, within limits, in building their own Python projects. We’ll have a look at how to delivery two projects that achieve Digital Technologies learning outcomes. One project is integrated with English learning outcomes and the other with Science.

Each term that we have implemented our Python program in primary schools we have learned many lessons. With quarterly feedback we refine our Python program regularly and learn from how our students respond to our lesson structure, discussions and activities. We are continually updating and refining our lesson plans. These lessons learned will be shared and explored.


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