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At The Root : Wagtail + Gatsby + GitPod


Dawn Wages

Exploring if a GatsbyJS progressive web app generator frontend with a headless Wagtail backend could be a solution for small-sized clients and personal projects when I want to "whip something up" quickly without sacrificing design, performance/hosting costs, user or site editor experience (Can I have it all)? Gatsby ( is a open source framework based on React. Wagtail ( is a Django CMS with LOTS of cool features for content creators, and "plays nicely with everything else in your tech stack" (source: Wagtail) because its built on and easily integrates with all uses of Python.

Why? Not only do I enjoy the new and shiny things as a consultant, both Wagtail and GatsbyJS are established frameworks and active communities that put considerable effort in providing a great product with a smooth developer experience. We enjoy the benefits of Django / Wagtail CMS, with a incredibly fast pre-fetched progressive web app with GatsbyJS. The goal is nice, fast and fun.

I am approaching this talk by walking through how I started out with minimal experience with GatsbyJS or GraphQL, and moderate experience with React and headless Wagtail to creating and deploying (Netlify) this app. I am not an expert in either technology, but was able to quickly navigate getting started as well as identify lots of resources in both communities to build out in a more complex experience.

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Python, PyCon, PyConAU, PyConline

Sat Sep 5 10:25:00 2020 at Floperator

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