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Text files full of punctuation? There must be a better way to code.


Katie Bell

The vast majority of code is written through some kind of text editor, whether it's notepad, a sophisticated IDE, or a heavily customised Vim environment. These tools mitigate common text editing problems like unclosed brackets and syntax errors, but can't eliminate them completely.

In this talk we'll explore the underlying nature of code as a tree structure using Python's abstract syntax trees, and we'll compare real world examples of coding interfaces which represent these trees in different ways.

So much of our thinking and tooling revolves around code being represented as text files that to step outside of this world means re-imagining how version control works and what real programming even is.

Produced by NDV:

Python, PyCon, PyConAU, PyConline

Sat Sep 5 11:35:00 2020 at Python 2

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