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Changing the world with Python and Kivy


How do you change the world using Python?

There are 250 million children in the world who are not learning the basics of reading, writing, or mathematics, many of whom don't have access to schools or teachers at all. In order to provide universal basic education worldwide, the UN estimates that it would require an additional 69 million teachers by 2030. Without unprecedented investment, it is simply not possible to overcome this shortfall on a global scale.

In 2015, we started a project, called Learn Leap Fly, to help address this shortfall using software running on tablets and smartphones. What’s more, we chose Python and Kivy to build our solution.

In this talk, we will describe this incredible combination of technologies, and explain how Python and Kivy make it possible to build a suite of cross-platform, multi-lingual, touch-based apps targeting Android and IOS devices. What’s more, because it’s Python, we can blend in world-class machine learning and make a solution which can be applied on a Global scale. Finally, we can do it all with a tiny team, a tiny budget, and a ridiculously tight timeline.

This is the story of how we are changing the world with Python and Kivy.


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