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How Fedora uses Python data analytics to understand and help the community.


I have been involved with Fedora Community Operations Team from its conception one year ago. Amongst other things we at CommOps are trying to build tools to understand the community and make it more contributor-friendly. While newcomer onboarding is important for any FOSS community, retaining them is critical. We have been working on improving the contributor retention rates in Fedora Community for a while now. In this direction, we have built some Python-based scripts to understand the activity of Fedora contributors and their life cycles. We have also tried to analyze contribution activity of some successful contributors and find common patterns in their behavior and have tried to measure the impact of attending FOSS events on the activity of a contributor and on the Fedora community as a whole. All this work has been done using Python and during this talk, I want to share details about the tools we have built, how we built them and the insights we have generated from them.


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