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Dienstag Lightning Talks


(00:00) Ilan Schnell - Conda Packaging

(0:05:00) Stefan - Ada Lovelace Day

(0:05:30) Marius Wesener - eGenix PyRun Not entirely sure about the last name, it is shown on the first slide.

(0:09:49) Marius - Smarthome: Steuerung mit KNX Last Name might be Hübner, but the res is too low for me to read it off the slide

(0:13:41) Programmierwettbewerb - Blender He did not say his name :-) He mentiones a URL in the talk, I could not read it.

(0:18:50) Benimm Dich! Das "behave" Tool für Behaviour Driven Development He did not say his name, maybe there is something in the slides.

(0:23:55) Arnold - GPG Key Signing Party

(0:25:43) Online Python Courses He did not say his name :-)

(0:27:46) Schlomo Schapiro - Distributed Monitoring Configuration

(0:32:59) Science Hack Day No name, maybe mentioned on slides but too small to read

(0:35:51) Beautiful Projekt No name.

(0:41:03) Arnold - mezzanine-workout Sportuhren auslesen und veröffentlichen

(0:43:01) BVG Abfahrten im Büro anzeigen Name was said too fast, maybe you can read it off the first slide.

(0:44:50) Christian - Compiler optimieren Kryptographie bis sie unsicher ist

(0:49:52) Dirk - NumPy

(0:54:53) ?? - Spielend Python lernen Name is visible but too small to read


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