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About going Open-Source


I will start of talking about why "working for free" became an important part of the developer culture all around the world and talk about why companies should try to share as many tools as possible. I'll give some examples of tools that were open sourced and got immense traction leading to the projects growing with an intense speed. I'll try to take away the "fear" of open sourcing tools that cost ten of thousands of dollars to create. Then I'll describe how my journey with open source looks like and start talking about how you can get your feet into contributing to known projects. After that I will close off with some hints on doing and contributing to open source projects that worked out great for me. They will also get an impression on what opportunities will show up if they put some of their time into doing OS.

The audience can be mixed, but it's way more interesting for people that are either new to programming or have never worked with open source.

In a perfect world, some of the listeners would leave the presentation with the motivation and hard goal to start with OS as soon as possible.


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