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reticulate: R interface to Python


Python and R are the preferred languages for data science. In 2018, RStudio introduced its package reticulate and clearly demonstrates that it favours to join forces. Both languages have strengths and weaknesses. Tools to combine the strengths will enable easier collaboration in projects and more possibilities to succeed. Using Python from R gives R users wider access to functions and makes it easier for Python beginners to just run scripts and being able to collaborate in Python projects. The talk will show the possibilities of reticulate: The main part starts with demonstrating the Python interpreter within R. It will show how to source Python scripts as well as install and import modules. Then it will deal with the most important types of Python objects, how they are represented in R and how to further manipulate them. Thereby, a special focus is on using Python for data science. In addition, it will be presented how Conda environments can be created and used from R. A further application will be the creation of reports with Markdown and LaTeX where R and Python can be used within one document and share objects. A last topic is about showing the possibilities for easier development in RStudio (help regarding Python functions, auto completion).

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