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Keynote: Solid data structures in Python with logs


PyCon Finland 2015 Keynote: Jyrki Pulliainen - Solid data structures in Python with logs

We all know the classic web application that has a database connected to it. Over time the app grows and we add more bells and whistles, like a search functionality via ElasticSearch. Soon we notice that we need a cache too.

Now we have a fairly complex application and a completely new set of problems like the cache invalidation, stale data, consistency issues etc.

What if I said that using logs would help you here? This talk looks into using Kafka via Python to build solid data structures.

Overview of the talk outline is:

  • Description of the problem
  • What are log based data structures
  • What's Kafka and why is it amazing?
  • Using Kafka via Python
  • Demo time!

About the author: I'm a content engineer at the music streaming company Spotify. I've been using Python for professional and personal projects for over 10 years now. Over the course of years I've built open-source tools for Python and even contributed to the cpython itself.

I have also been a part of creating both PyCon Finland and PyCon Sweden. I'm also organising the PySthlm meetups in Stockholm.


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