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Closing the gap with TLS adoption


Closing the gap with TLS adoption by Joona Hoikkala

How EFF's Let's Encrypt client Certbot is addressing the issues with skill and effort needed in effective, secure TLS adoption and the sysadmin overhead of keeping the certificates and configuration up to date.

In this talk I'll be going over the philosophy behind Certbot client, it's role in the progression of web technologies in paraller with Let's Encrypt project (and possibly upcoming ACME protocol support by other CAs). It's centered around Certbot internals, while touching subjects like configuration management using Python (Apache / Nginx), ACME protocol integration, release management from security perspective - leveraging PyPI, pip version pinning, and hash checking mode.

The talk is going to have multiple demos, showing various aspects and uses for Certbot client.

About the author: Joona Hoikkala is a Certbot development team member who has been involved with the project from the early stages.


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