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ZODB – the Python database


ZODB – the Python database by Asko Soukka

ZODB is a mature and well maintained object-oriented database for transparently and persistently storing Python object trees (objects and their references). In other words, ZODB stores Python objects as they are – no object-relational mapping required. In addition to Python objects, ZODB can also store binary blobs (like images) attached to those objects.

I give a small tutorial on getting started with ZODB with a simple command-line app written in Python 3. I cover the basic ZODB usage, testing and maintenance. Finally, I give a short overview of the ZODB ecosystem and demo of SubstanceD – a ZODB embracing web app framework.

About the author: Asko Soukka is a system designer at University of Jyväskylä and a core contributor for Plone - an open source CMS written in Python. He has have over 10 years of experience in using ZODB in CMS context with databases up to 100 GB.


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