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WebPush notifications What? Why? How?


We all might know what push notifications are, having been a popular feature of mobile platforms for years. However, it is a recent adoption in the web platform and the features are constantly evolving. By the end of this talk, we’ll have an understanding of what real-time web push notifications are, how do they work, and how can we make the best use of it, including news features like payload encryption and ttl headers. Web push is a permission based technology that notifies a user of new messages or events even when they’re not actively using the application. Push notifications are a hit among all the social media websites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and it’s not hard to see why. Besides that, they are also very popular in cloud based data management, e-commerce websites, e-mail services, sports and auctions, and the list could go on. In this talk, we’ll see a little behind-the-scences working of this technology, starting from the handling the user’s subscription by the Push API, generating a push message when some action is triggered, to handling of the message by the Service Worker API, and finally dealing with the notification display using the Notification API.


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