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Everything You Want to Know About Kubernetes (Preferably Before Using It)


There is a lot of hype about Kubernetes those days, but do you know what Kubernetes really gives you, out of the box? Not as much as you might expect.

« Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms. It's a better place to start; not the endgame. » Kelsey Hightower (Developer Advocate at Google)

In this talk, I will present my experience as a software engineer who started building a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster without much knowledge in networking or other low-level infrastructure concepts, but with a developer background and mindset that ended up being quite useful.

  • Chapter I. The Origins
    • Where we are coming from
    • Kubernetes overview
    • Why Kubernetes
  • Chapter II. Minimum Viable Cluster
    • Requirements we settled on
    • Choices we made
    • What you get (or miss) at this point
  • Chapter III. Going Further
    • A few more choices
    • Tools we decided to use
    • Tools we developed ourselves
  • Chapter IV. Nowadays
    • Live demo (maybe)
    • Current platform status
    • Next steps
  • Chapter V. Step Back
    • Our opinion on Kubernetes
    • Recommendations


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