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Geographic visualization using Streamlit


Among the plethora of libraries available in Python, I would like to discuss with you about some of the capabilities of the Streamlit library towards geographic data visualization. Using Streamlit we can create standalone web-apps. And here I want to show you how I got to make Streamlit apps where the user could choose between different treatment/function to apply :

  • interacting with the OSM database, (OSMNX)
  • extracting the content of the OSM database in a specific area described by a Polygon interactively (OSMNX),
  • filtering the results during and after the request (OSMNX, (Geo)pandas) with regard to the location, or any other attribute,
  • etc...

After treatment of the spatial data you could also do statistics on attributes, or display it on a map using different libraries to display different types of diagrams and maps. All these repre- sentations having parameters that can be dynamically customized by « non-dev » people through the Streamlit app, such as :

  • the color map,
  • the variable displayed,
  • the boundary shown on the graph,
  • the animation time
  • etc...

I’ll show what I thought I could do with it and how I did it and maybe we could discuss other means or ideas...


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