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Collaboration hack with slackbot


Do you know that Slack knows that Integration and API are easy to use and are hackable collaboration platform? Even Python is able to easily make chatbot by using slackbot ( ) . With using this framework, you are able to let slackbot perform a Python process triggered by a mention or a keyword in a conversation on Slack. This is means that anything you can do with Python can be run on Slack!! (For example, it is acquiring information from the database, acquiring data using Web scraping, and deploying applications and so on.)

In this Talk Session, I’m going to introduce the points of utilization of slackbot,
with a talk on SQUEEZE’s efforts to improve the workflow, communication and work realized by using slackbot.
Examples of Improve In SQUEEZE Inc (I Companies to which I belong ):
– slackbot make a primary response of request work beyond department
– example of request are that inquiries about the system from business team, Customer support etc. – slackbot receives request for products and notifies them collectively at a fixed time.


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