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Chugging Flask: Gyaan from building REST APIs for an Android App


We used Flask to build out the API backend for an Android app that's scaled up to > 200,000 users. With an iOS app that's in development, we expect this to soon double.

We've learnt a ton of little things along the way, and have had to make various architectural and design decisions. In my experience, it's easy to google and find a lot of information on SO or HN, but it's not always easy to put these in context to see what's really relevant to you. In this talk, I'll attempt to talk through the why behind various choices we made, and engage in dialog about how these may be beneficial to you (or not).


I've provided a link to my slides to serve as an outline that I hope will open up dialog with others, and help steer the direction of this talk. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, just mention your twitter/irc handle in your comments if you'd like to discuss things.


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