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Rapid development & integration of Real Time Communication in Websites


Online shopping or retail industry of the world is worth trillions of dollars. Forrester research estimates that US online industry alone will be worth $279 Billion by 2015!
Given the scenario, website customers have an ever-growing need of communicating with customer service representatives in real time with a live chat or media call. Businesses can not only view it as an opportunity to act quickly and be flexible in delivering specific product information to customers but also to prevent or recover from service failures & convert leads to sales!

Though critical, development teams have found it difficult to develop, maintain and integrate instant chat or media calls in their websites. Unavailability or shortage of ready-to-use frameworks has contributed to longer development cycles and made the task seam out-of-reach. As a result, real time communication in websites is often considered ‘good-to-have’ and doesn’t get the due importance.

This talk discusses about development & integration of real-time communication applications in websites. Audiences would get an opportunity to appreciate the concept with the help of a working prototype. The talk also suggests Python modules for getting the task done in a rapid & customised way.


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