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We're building Skynet and it loves Python!


Think of Driverless cars, autonomous self learning robots, robots with minds in the cloud. In common terms think of Trinity downloading the routine to fly apache in The Matrix. Until now prohibitive costs, architectural limitations , complex network setups and configurations and limitations of computing resources have hampered some really cool stuff in Robotics, Rapyuta attempts to solve these very issues. Off late we have completely revamped it and added a ton of exciting new features.

RoboEarth is one of the top projects in the EU funded by the FP7 framework with members including ETH Zurich, Tu Munich, Tu Eindhoven and others and is fully available in Open Source. It draws from the strong base and standards of ROS ( to bring the best of modern robotics algorithms and software to the average developers and uses some exciting new tech like lxc and websockets, yet is simple to use and configure on almost any platform from EC2, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace or even commodity hardware.

This is a general purpose talk to introduce you to Rapyuta, briefly touch on how we built it (twisted devs would love this), how you can easily use and configure it and what it does for you. I will also try to showcase some breakthrough real world application demos that were presented at ROSCON '13 at Stuttgart, that would get the geeks in us excited. There will also be some interesting pointers of how you could use it , extend it and get involved.


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