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SymEngine: The future fast core of computer algebra systems - PyCon India 2015

By Sumith


Speaker: Sumith

A project started by the SymPy team, SymEngine is a standalone C++ fast symbolic manipulation library. Thin Python wrappers allow easy usage from Python and integration with SymPy. C, Julia and Ruby wrappers also available. The talk will highlight the following: * Computer Algebra Systems(CAS), why are they needed? * Why do you need them fast? * SymPy and cousin SymEngine, what are we doing, our goals. * SymEngine faster than most other CAS out there. * Hot swappable SymPy and Sage core. * The future of SymEngine SymEngine does not have a release version yet, never a before a talk or tutorial has been done. Hence this is the first time we are exposing it, we will try our best to keep it engaging for everyone from beginner to advance.



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