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Overview of Python Web Development, from Searching to Deployment


This talk is about helping people new to development & Python to connect the dots between googling ”python web development” and reaching deployment. When entering the world of development there is a huge learning curve. It’s not just about understanding python syntax and writing a function. How does everything fit together? This talk will attempt to introduce the budding developer to the options available and why you may choose one over another.

I will run through the following topics:

  • The major python web frameworks that exist. We will examine the pros and cons of the main players.
  • Python itself, Apis vs Services, what goes where?
  • How to build restfully and the importance of adhering to correct http protocols. How does javascript know what to do?
  • The merits of testing and running through the different testing libraries that are available.
  • Brief intro to Github and pointing to resources to help learn how to commit.
  • Highlighting any “gotchas”
  • Deployment tools.
  • Hosting, where to go?
  • How to google for relevant answers.
  • Python community for answers. (globally and local)

Hopefully those that attending will have a greater understanding of the whole development system so they will know what to research for each step and where to find answers.


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