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Algorithms to Sample From Streams - Reservoir Sampling & Variants


Those of us who build systems that deal with constant streams of incoming data (which includes anybody whose code touches the internet) often need algorithms that keep a fixed-size sample from the stream for on-the-fly analytics. Reservoir sampling is a commonly used algorithm for keeping a sample that's unbiased over all events in the stream. But what if you want your algorithm to keep a representative sample from the past 10 minutes instead of the entire stream? In this talk I'll start with a gentle introduction to Reservoir sampling for those who are not familiar with it, and then discuss several variants which keep a sample that is biased towards the present. One of these is the VIRB (Variable Incoming Rate Biased) sampler, which we have developed in-house at Magnetic. This talk covers the same material as this blog post:

Slides available here:


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