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Eve - REST API for Humans™


You have data stored somewhere and you want to expose it to your users through a RESTful Web API. Eve is the BSD-licensed, Flask-powered tool that allows you to quickly and easily go online.

Eve provides a robust, feature rich, REST-centered API implementation. MongoDB support comes out of the box, and community-driven efforts to deliver ElasticSearch and SQLAlchemy data layers are ongoing. Eve approach is such that you only need to configure your API settings and behaviour, plug in your datasource, and you're good to go.

Features such as Pagination, Sorting, Conditional Requests, Concurrency Control, Validation, HATEOAS, JSON and XML rendering, Projections, Customisable Endpoints are included. Advanced features such as custom Authentication and Authorization, Custom Validation, Embedded Resource Serialisation are also available.

In my talk I will introduce the project and its community, recount why and how it's being developed, and show the current roadmap.


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