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CRAIS - Testing, everywhere


During this talk I’ll show the architecture and the design pattern used to implement the CRAIS Appium broker.


CRAIS acts as an Appium (1) broker, in order to spawn Appium servers as selenium grid nodes with specific capabilities using:

  • USB hotplug Mechanism for locally-connected devices, where CRAIS dinamically generate the node, registering itself to the hub,
  • RPC invocation, where CRAIS spawns ad-hoc appium server instances. The RPC method could be used to use remote android devices connected to the server using a reverse-ssh tunnel.

CRAIS is based on:

  • ZODB object database for device storage (for both Hotplug & RPC), ConfigObj for configuration management, Pyro4, a library that enables to build applications in which objects can talk to each other over the network,
  • Cement as CLI framework.

CRAIS is implemented in order to use the same Object Database in both RPC & Hotplug mode.

  1. Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps, used in B! to integrate Android / iOS testing in a QA automation infrastructure.


  1. Selenium GRID specifications
  2. Acceptance testing knowledge
  3. Python multithreading & subprocess32 modules usage


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