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Don't let your passion kill your motivation


If I would ask you to sit down and do some work right now (assuming you’re not doing it), how would you feel about it? Would you be motivated enough to take off your laptop and start coding? Or would you rather do something else? Programming is more about other things than just coding. Great books - like The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler - have eloquently explained the different perspectives there are about what programming is and how you can take the most out of your skills. Nonetheless, programming is even more than that. Programming is more than just producing results and it’s definitely more than just being “smart”. In fact, programming is probably more about how to keep programming than actually doing it. Likely, one of the things we, developers, struggle the most with is motivation. Therefore, join me in this talk while I share some of my motivational ups and downs and walk you through some of the things that have worked for me along the way.


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