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Healing a shell-shocked infrastructure, in a couple of hours, from your bed.


In September 2014 a very severe vulnerabilty in bash was discovered, affecting any Linux system on Earth. For Internet-facing services it was necessary to patch the servers as soon as possible: the time was running low and our hero (me) was lying in a bad, due to a painful back-ache … a disaster was looming … This is an account of how everything ended well, due to an appropriate management of the server infrastructure. A lot of procedures had already been automated with Fabric, and it was at the end very easy - even if quite stressful - to update everything in a couple of hours (~150 hosts in various configurations / locations). The talk is a real case, and its objective is to help people understanding the importance of proper server automation and management. Basic Python knowledge will be enough to understand the presentation, all the relevant information about Fabric will be explained during the talk.


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