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Python 3 for Data Science: what works, what doesn't


In the last years, the Python programming language has engaged a major renovation, and Python 3.x is going to be the next generation reference of the language. However, despite the community strives to support the language switch among pythonistas, Python 3 is not yet the real de-facto reference version of the language and Python 2.x is still on the go. Moreover, as for the scientific Python community, only few years ago most of the scientific python packages only (or mainly) supported Python 2. In this talk we will analyse how far the support to Python 3 extent to the Python scientific packages, emphasising what actually works and what doesn’t. The general claim of this talk is that, from a technical perspective, Python 3 is a more mature language from many point of view (w.r.t. Python 2), and the scientific community is now able more than ever to switch to Python 3. However, so far, the switch has not been done yet. Thus, some reflections on this “particular” community of pythonistas will conclude the talk in order to stimulate the discussion and derive together possible solutions and “workaround” to support this change.


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