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Hacking Mailing Lists - The Mailman 3 API Ecosystem


Mailman, the well-known and trusted Mailing list manager, introduced a number of APIs in version 3.0 that make it a much more modular system than previous versions. These APIs can be used to manage your Mailman instance and to access mailing list posts as they travel through the system. This talk is an introduction to those APIs and how you can use them to integrate Mailman 3 into your own applications and integrate it with your own business processes and systems.

In this talk you will learn:

  • About Mailman 3’s basic architecture and which LMTP-, REST- and Python-based APIs are available
  • How Mailman 3 uses its APIs internally for its management web UI (Postorius) and archiver (HyperKitty)
  • How you can use Mailman 3’s REST API to programatically create new lists, subscribe users, change settings and preferences and much more
  • How you can access list posts for further processing before they leave the system
  • Learn about some interesting new sub projects that use and enhance these APIs

I’ll sprint on Mailman at the developer sprints - come hack with me!


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