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Pagure: Past, Present and Future


This talk is about Pagure - A free and open source git collaboration software written in python. Pagure is brainchild of Pierre-Yves Chibon (pingou) and it’s open to all for use on Pagure is currently being used as home for all Fedora projects. This talk will focus on the technical aspect of Pagure, the features that make it different and awesome and the ones that are going to come in. How and why we are writing those features and how a lot of new contributors come in and help us make Pagure cooler.


  • What is pagure ?
  • How did it start ?
  • Progit: Initial days of pagure
  • Why pagure ?


  • Awesome Features in Issue Tracker
    • Custom Closed Status
    • Custom Fields
    • Blocking/Depending issues
    • Priorities
    • Roadmaps, Milestones and More…
  • Awesome Features in Pull Request Integration
    • Assignee of Pull Request
    • Minimum score to merge Pull Request
    • Enforce to Sign-off commits
    • Feature to allow only the assignee to merge the PR
    • Block Non-Fast Forward Pushes and More…
  • Other Awesome Features
    • Watch Repo
    • Project ACL
    • Pagure CI
    • Heat Maps
    • Docs Hosting
    • Tools built for Pagure
    • Libpagure - A python library for pagure api
    • Gopagure - A go library for pagure api
    • Pag - A command line tool to use
    • Pagure Importer - A command line tool to import issues/PRs to pagure


  • Private Repo
  • Code Search
  • Saved Replies


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