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Interviews (CC) - Pycon SK 2018


Interviews with PyCon SK 2018 conference participants.

Richard Kellner - Conference Chair: 00:00 - What was the biggest challenge you had to face, while preparing the PyCon conference? 00:22 - Do you remember your first rendezvous with Python? 00:40 - What do you like the most about working with Python? 01:00 - Will you find motivation also to prepare the next year? 01:05 - What's your favourite programming language? 01:40 - What's your favourite animal? 02:04 - Would you like to say something to the organizers? 02:54 - Is this your first time on PyCon Slovakia? 03:11 - Can you see the improvement in comparison to previous years? 03:42 - Would you like to come also next year? 03:58 - Which presentation did you like the most? 04:35 - How did you like this conference? EXTRA 04:52 - Which library do you use the most? 05:18 - How was the party yesterday?


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