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A Day Has Only 24±1 Hours

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Not only will the Sunday in the week after this PyCon.SK 2019 be one hour shorter, but also it may steal you even more sleep because of all your Python code that has to work smoothly during daylight saving time changes or otherwise manipulate time zones. While correct working with datetime objects and offsets can be mastered, you have no control of the information on local time zones. Exclusive domain of geographers one hundred years ago, the time zones adjustments became a toy in the hands of governments all around the world.

After a short overview of Pythons datetime and pytz libraries you'll learn how the information on time zone changes gets into your system. We'll fly quickly around the world's over five hundred time zones, but will also focus on the case of Slovakia and surrounding countries. Two centuries of propaganda and chaos in thirty minutes. Maybe that will make you want to avoid time zones in your code altogether!


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