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Intro to Blockchain with Python


This talk is structured into two parts of approximately equal length:

First an introduction to blockchains in general. Most have heard about blockchains or bitcoin but how does it actually work and what is the technology driving it? This talk will explain what a cryptocurrency wallet is, how transactions are created and how they are brought together to form blocks that build the blockchain. I will outline differences between the most widely used implementations and the core technological concepts behind them, like Proof-of-Work versus Proof-of-Stake, consensus algorithms, trustless systems and the ideas behind them.

In the second half of the talk I draw on my experience working with python in my professional career and give an overview of the python ecosystem for blockhain and cryptocurrency development. I will showcase some of the libraries and tools that exist, like btcpy and highlight some of the pros and cons (mostly pros) of using python in this sector.


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