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Network Automation with Python – PyCon Taiwan 2020


Day 2, R3 10:30–11:00

Networks in your infrastructure set the foundation for how your application can be deployed, maintained, and serviced. Python is the ideal language for network engineers to explore tools that were previously available to systems engineers and application developers. In this talk, we'll embark on a Python-based journey to transition from traditional network engineers to network developers ready for the next-generation of networks.

Code examples, further recourses, and latest trends will be provided for audience with different level of needs depends on the scope of their network.


Speaker: Eric Chou

Eric Chou is a seasoned technologist with over 20 years of experience. He is an ex-Amazonian, ex-Microsoftee, and other Fortune 500 companies. Eric is the author of the best selling "Mastering Python Networking" (by Packt Publishing) and a few other books. He shares his deep interest in technology through his books, classes, and blog. Eric is passionate about network automation, Python, and helping companies build better security postures.


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