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Speed Up Your Data Processing: Parallel and Asynchronous Programming in Data Sci – PyCon Taiwan 2020


Day 2, R3 11:10–11:40

Constantly waiting for your data processing code to finish executing? Through real-life stories, we will explore how to leverage on parallel and asynchronous programming in Python to speed up your data processing pipelines - so that you could focus more on getting value out of your data. While this talk assumes a basic understanding of processes in data pipelines and data science workflows, anyone with a basic understanding of the Python language would be able to understand the concepts and use cases illustrated with analogies.


Speaker: Chin Hwee Ong

Ong Chin Hwee is a data engineer, aspiring polymath and Industry 4.0 enthusiast who happens to be interested in things that fly (and stuff that burn to keep things flying). Hailing from a background in aerospace engineering and computational modelling, Chin Hwee has experience working on innovative projects in collaboration with academia and industry partners. Chin Hwee is a contributor to the documentation for pandas 1.0 and enjoys sharing her experiences at meetups and conferences.


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