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Keynote: Building next-level AI assistants – Yenny (PyCon Taiwan 2021)


Day 1, 16:15 ~ 17:15

AI assistants are the new faces of tech. We can now control our lights, play music, make an account transfer, and buy insurance from a chat or voice interface. Conversational AI opens up tech further to serve the people who were once left behind.

Building AI assistants from scratch is very challenging. But now, we have much better tooling and infrastructure that make use of cutting-edge NLP research. In this talk, we will explore the current state of the technology: the level of experience we can provide for the end-user, the ease of building AI assistants from the dev perspective, and the maturity across different languages. We’ll also pull up our sleeves and develop an AI assistant together!

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Speaker: Yenny Cheung

Originally from Hong Kong, Yenny is an engineering leader at Rasa. She and her team are working on the standard open-source infrastructure for building Conversational AI. She writes and speaks about Conversational AI, engineering management, and Python best practices. She cares about building inclusive teams with a “people first” approach. She enjoys the thrill of public speaking and meeting like-minded people along the way. You can find her on Twitter and at conferences on leadership and Python. She is also an angel investor backing founders from underrepresented backgrounds.


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