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The Pitfalls of Integrating Lua with Python – 郭學聰 (PyCon Taiwan 2021)


Day 1, 11:35-12:05


In some domain of computer & information industries, such as, gaming, Lua is an excellent embedded script language. It can be used to describe daily changed business logic and rule description, but keep consuming little resource including CPU and memory. If we need to offer programmable part in a Python based executable or system for non-programmer, such as game master and multimedia creator, Lua is a well choice. Integrating Lua with Python seems to be easy when using Lua modules from PyPI, but actually has some pitfalls inside, including isolation and complex data exchanging. So I will share some experiences and hope who want to integrate Lua with Python could avoid these traps.


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Some core parts of Python script language Lua script language Python module to interact with Lua lupa luadata

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Speaker: 郭學聰 (Hsueh-Tsung Kuo)

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