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Collaborative, streaming, 3D, and interactive matplotlib, ggplot2, and MATLAB plots in an IPython Notebook with Plotly


Presented by: Carole Griffiths & Chris Parmer

Plotly's Python API lets you make and share beautiful, web-based plots. This talk will be a walk-through of Plotly's library. We will craft and embed interactive graphs within an IPython Notebook, use Plotly's web-app to edit and share graphs, and use Plotly's matplotlib wrapper to create web-based graphs and data files from matplotlib scripts.

Plotly is the easiest way to graph and share your data online. Plotly allows you to make beautiful, interactive online graphs from Python, R, or MATLAB code or with its web-based spreadsheet tool. Public sharing is free, users own their data, and users control whether data and graphs are public or private.


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