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Repeatable automated deployments with Juju


Presented by: Michael Foord & Simon Davy

Do you deploy your Python services to Amazon EC2, or to Openstack, or even to HP cloud, joyent or Azure? Do you want to - without being tied into any one of them?

What about local deployments with lxc or kvm containers. How about managing your bare metal servers through Metal As A Service and deploying to OpenStack on top? ISP grade technology for your data centre!

How about managing your service deployment and infrastructure with Python code? (Devops distilled.)

If any of this sounds interesting then Juju maybe for you! Treat your servers as cattle not as pets, for service oriented repeatable deployments on your choice of back-end. Orchestrate and relate your services with charms written in Python.

In this talk we'll demo service deployment for a Django application and related infrastructure.


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