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Creating a Python Web App for Destiny the Game


For the last year and a half I have been working on creating a Python based application for Destiny the game (Play Station, Xbox and soon to be released on PC). I started this project as a practical exercise to increase my knowledge in Python, I have progressed from developing several small scripts, which interface with the game environment, to deploying and managing a Flask based web application. I have been blogging about my progress with the application since August 2016, creating several how-to guides, a custom OAuth 2.0 flow that is currently being used by several other Destiny applications, and a full web application. My blog has to date received ~45,000 views. The Destiny developers, Bungie (Destiny, Halo), have released an incredibly powerful API which allows you to interact with your in-game character, collect a huge amount of stats and track all of your activities. I have used the Python Requests library to interface with the game environment via the Destiny API, I use SQLAlchemy to store user account information, and the Jinja2 web templating language for Python, as a web front end.

Application Features: Login via custom OAuth 2.0 flow ( OAuth flow was not compatible with current OAuth libraries). Store user account details in an SQL database. View full in-game account details. View your in-game characters inventory. Send a POST request to select another character (each game account can have up-to 3 characters). View items stored in shared Vault (in game item storage that is available to all of your characters). Transfer items, change weapons and armour live in game. View a list of (Play Station or Xbox) friends in your in-game clan. Also view basic account and character details. View a list of items being sold in-game, receive a HTML formatted email of these items.


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