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Python for conducting operational research in healthcare


Operational research (OR) is the use of mathematical and analytical techniques to aid decision making. At Cardiff University there is a dedicated group that uses OR methods such as data analysis, mathematical modelling, and simulation, in the domain of healthcare.

There are many great Python libraries that enable this kind of research. In this talk I will present methods used in two projects:

Modelling cancer diagnostics: Working with a health hoard the sequence of cancer diagnostic tests were modelled. The aim of this project was to investigate which feasible capacity increases would be required in order for patients to meet a 28 day cancer diagnosis target.

Evaluation of Stay Well Plans: Working with another health board the flows of older people around community, frailty, and secondary care is modelled. The aim of this project is to evaluate whether the introduction of personalised Stay Well Plans reduces the frequency patients accessing healthcare facilities; and investigate any changes in demand at various healthcare facilities due to the introduction of the plans.


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