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The art of testing in Python


How do you know your code is correct? How do you know it stayed correct after you changed it? To me, the answer lies in automated testing and I would like to introduce you to this vast topic. We will start by discussing the various ways of testing software and their relative advantages and disadvantages.  We will proceed to develop some simple code that encapsulates the common problems faced while testing and I will show you how to overcome them and engineer your test code using tools in the unittest module. We will also peek behind the curtains to see how a testrunner executes your code. By the end of the talk, I hope you will have a solid understanding of basics of testing and a newfound appreciation of classic paintings.

This talk is mostly aimed at people new to software testing. However, more experienced developers are also welcome there will be plenty of questions for the audience and a good number of charades inspired guessing!


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