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EduBlocks - Making the transition to Python easier!

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Bridging the gap between block based and text based programming

Moving from block based programming to text based programming just got easier. In this session 14 year old Josh @all_about_code talks about how you can bridge this gap by using EduBlocks, a program which he has developed. EduBlocks is a drag and drop version of Python 3 which allows students to learn the Python syntax with minimal errors, allowing younger children to access Python. The aim of EduBlocks is to make the transition from block based programs like Scratch to Python easier for students and teachers, as presently there is no drop-in solution that bridges this gap. EduBlocks is currently being used in 72 different countries around the world by students and teachers alike and has recently included a micro:bit editor. Josh will talk you through how his experiences of being a student in the classroom gave him the idea to develop EduBlocks. He will explain the advantages of using EduBlocks in the classroom, from the features it includes to the resources and lesson plans available and how educators and the tech community can contribute their ideas to this completely free Open Source program.


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